High Torque Motor for T.F.O. machine Frame-132S

High Torque Motor Frame 132S

High Torque Motor for T.F.O. machine Frame-132M

High Torque Motor Frame : 132M

High Torque Motor for T.F.O. Machine

For Textile industries T.F.O. machine is most powerful machine which motor is designed according to the condition of machine’s high starting torque with less temperature rise with compare to other motor. As per these machine is running 24 hours, higher efficiency with the lower power bill. This is flange mounted motor. We made high torque T.F.O. machine motor as per loading capacity of machine.


Frame : 112 To 132M
Rating : 2.2 To 5.5kW
Motor Voltage : 415V±10%
Enclosure : T:E:F:C
Pole : 4
Mounting : B5 and V1
Phase :